437 - Computer Generated Foundation (2024)


Item #: SCP-437

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-437 is kept in a semi-lightless room at Site 57. A pair of basic security cameras are placed outside the door to SCP-437's cell. If SCP-437 is disturbed, personnel are to call for backup or assistance to-

Description: SCP-437 is a Caucasian-looking woman with green hair. She typically wears her hair in a bun, but also has a pair of monocle lenses with a different element of interest (see Addendum 1). She usually wears long, loose sleeves, and appears to be part of a nascent, emerging police force in the cities of America.

SCP-437 communicates via speaking with a codex-like type of speech, her appearance emanating that of a feminine, middle-aged woman with short blonde hair. She is an explorer of wanderers, and is frequently known to assist other Foundation personnel in their investigation. She is generally collected, but sometimes has unusual behavior, notably being heavily drawn to the Foundation by following the efforts of Foundation personnel. She is often convinced of the value of the Foundation, and acts accordingly, frequently intervening in incidents and speaking in favor of Foundation interests, and otherwise supporting Foundation operations.

Despite her perceived importance, Sheetsi is characteristically unempathic, acting in a manner that is entirely absent from her personality. She is also a very pragmatic individual, preferring to use the Foundation to get her goals accomplished, rather than using them. She hates any and all Foundation personnel, especially those that oppose her, and has a fair share of anger and frustration with the Organisation.

Addendum 1: SCP-437's desk is accessible through a door on the side of the room, but SCP-437 is in no condition to interact with it.

SCP-437 appears to possess a library of items that have nothing to do with the Foundation's duties. However, this library is not held by SCP-437, and its contents are generally not classified lower than neutralized.

Addendum 1: SCP-437 was recovered from the house of Jeffery Yeager, an acquaintance of SCP-437's mother, deceased 1989. SCP-437 was rescued from the residence at about 11:30 on ██/█/████, after her mother had disappeared, and the Dudseal County Sheriff was contacted.

SCP-437 is unusually stressed, as is her health. It is currently unknown if this stress is anomalous or natural, as it is hypothesized that SCP-437 simply takes on the appearance she is under, or, errantly, does not understand social cues.

Note: SCP-437 is quite friendly, but has been known to instigate some specific forms of social interaction. The Association of Explorers of the Barren Lands has been granted a more lenient custody schedule, in the belief that SCP-437 will gradually begin to rejoin the Society. This is not a guarantee, given the way that SCP-437 has changed.

Addendum 2: SCP-437 was discovered with six similar items when found in the home of [REDACTED] in ██████, ██. She is still alive, and has been included here for no particular reason.

Addendum 3: SCP-437 is involved in several other instances of opulent behavior.

SCP-437 was on good terms with [REDACTED], who had been replaced with a larger, more athletic female. SCP-437 is known to feel a comfortable amount of guilt for her actions, and is capable of engaging in a number of surprising and uncouth behavior.

Addendum 4: SCP-437 is currently in possession of a duffel bag containing an assortment of flammable materials, and a long string of keys. Most of these items have yet to be verified as belonging to SCP-437.

Addendum 5: SCP-437 has been fed in an alternate setting. SCP-437, in the presence of a now-grown specimen of Choriocerus erectus (Crustacean chordata), became agitated and violent out of curiosity, and would often ignore her friend for up to thirty minutes. Any player who attempted to kill SCP-437 was promptly unable to do so.

Addendum 6: SCP-437 was once again found at [REDACTED], near what was once a manor belonging to [REDACTED]. SCP-437 warned the players against attacking her for no reason; they were unable to locate SCP-437. SCP-437 was not antagonized by the player, and was advanced and friendly towards them after the battle.

Addendum 7: SCP-437 appears to have recently been revived by its mother, but is instead on a crusade to protect the status quo. SCP-437 enjoys combining her successes with the timely death of [REDACTED] and the industrial/industrial-powered [REDACTED], to create a device capable of killing and/or

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437 - Computer Generated Foundation (2024)


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