April’s Top Five Most Wanted Products for a 2022 Subaru BRZ (2024)

As the spring ends and the summer approaches it has proven to be a busy time here at Subimods. We have seen a lot of products move quickly out the door which tells us that the Subaru community is preparing for a new season of events and opportunities to show off the performance prowess of their vehicles by adding some quality aftermarket upgrades to their specific platform of choice. We have been spending some quality time with one of our favorite family members, the 2022 Subaru BRZ which has been clocking some definite hours at Lock City Drift and also showing its impressive lines at the most recent Wicked Big Meet in Thompson, CT. The more time we spend with our 2022 Subaru BRZ helps us understand why its tight band of dedicated owners have been scouring our catalog to find just the right products to bring their vision into focus and get their car exactly where it needs to be. Whether they are investing in a car to both perform and show within a particular genre, or are inspired by the latest track and drift experiences shared by the Subimods crew, we are thrilled to see a community of 2022 Subaru BRZ fans taking advantage of what innovations the industry has to offer to this platform. Each month, our team takes a detailed look at data generated by our customers which includes purchasing habits, review content, online activity, social media interactions, inventory numbers, or data generated by direct communication with our team members, then runs it through our analytic processes to establish a comprehensive breakdown of products and their providers to view the most popular offerings based on the aftermarket consumer - the Subimods customer. A selection of Top Five companies and their products are then featured within a monthly video presentation hosted by Subimods CEO Nick Nazzaro to confirm both their overwhelming popularity and impact on the enthusiast- which we share to hopefully help with those important upgrade decisions and investments.

Intro: 2022 Subaru BRZ Product Makers

AlphaRex , a fast growing group of automotive lighting manufacturers out of California is charging forward with confidence since their launch only six years ago. Walking away with an impressive premiere at SEMA 2019 proved to be a great springboard as their innovative headlight applications have carved their "unrivalled lighting" tagline into the hearts of enthusiasts from around the globe. Jacksonville Florida's Lit Logos is another company who gets repeat attention from the Subaru tribe but strictly due to their stunning exterior additives which consistently prompt conversations of admiration and envy between enthusiasts anywhere their products shine. They offer the style hungry enthusiast a full range of stunning options and custom designs for both the exterior and interior of the vehicle while amplifying its personality and sex appeal. The Midwest brings us another popular brand through the work of Verus Engineering, a group of true enthusiasts and engineers who are experts in aerodynamics that completely understand what it takes to bring automotive performance to the next level. No matter if shown through the daily drive or on the track, the Subaru community is embracing their flavor of quality. Japanese innovators A'PEXi have also been ringing the bell of victory with their suspension products and commitment to extreme performance through fine design and detailed engineering. Their humble start in 1992 has only grown their brand into a dominating force and premiere choice for drivers looking to improve ride and turn up performance through a wide range of robust products. Lastly, COBB Tuning proceeds to kick down doors and keep the tribe interested with its persistent desire to align the driver and car with their greatest, most rewarding performance dreams. After 25 years they continue to develop, innovate, and flex their technology muscles by keeping an ear on the track and an eye on the enthusiast who wants the best from their vehicle with no nonsense, state-of-the-art solutions.

NUMBER 5: Alpharex LUXX-Series LED Tail Lights

As we begin to outline April's Top Five Products for the 2022 Subaru BRZ, we see the first popular item step into the fifth position on our list. Alpharex enters with its LUXX-Series LED Tail Lights which have proven over and over again to be a conversation starter between enthusiasts who crave style but want to hold onto the superb 2022 Subaru BRZ personality standard. This item exhibits a very crisp, sleek, design while remaining very clean and modern. Engineered smartly for sharp illumination, the design includes a prominent LED tube for the parking light and a red LED diffuser lens to ensure a clear scope of clarity and visibility in the day or at night. The Alpharex LUXX-Series LED Tail Lights provide an amber LED turn signal displaying a sequential pattern or selective blinking. In our video feature, Nick Nazzaro quickly reviews the Alpharex offering and shares some thoughts."You've seen a lot of cars through the SEMA show last year with these", Nazzaro explains. "A beautiful kind of outer ring...that illuminates." Alpharex is such a stylish and attractive brand it was easy for the team at Subimods to select it for a car in our stable. "This is the taillight we're actually using - on our BRZ", Nazarro confirms. "A lot of people go for the Light Smoke or Dark Smoke lenses. We've seen a lot of people moving over to the Red now including us." A great, quality design without being too obscure and fanciful, the Alpharex LUXX-Series keeps it solid and consistent while maintaining a unique sense of style that keeps people looking. "The beautiful part - it kind of gives you that OEM look but the subtle feature ads the LED upgrades, the sequential features", Nazarro said. The Alpharex LUXX-Series LED Tail Lights will give a stunning upgrade to both the aesthetics and functionality of your 2022 Subaru BRZ allowing you and any onlooker to also experience an exclusive light sequence when the parking lights are activated."Things like that really break it apart and give you that OEM plus feel. The best part about the AlphaRex is they do also have the center trunk bar as well, so that really gives you that JDM feel", Nick adds. We can confirm that these lights are robust and durable solutions which are built to last and designed to leave a lasting impression. Check out more details regarding the Alpharex LUXX-Series LED Tail Lights for your 2022 Subaru BRZ in our catalog.

NUMBER 4: Lit Logos "BRZ" Badge V2 RGBW LED Front Grille Emblem

Moving forward through our list of favorites, we see our friends at Lit Logos jump into the mix at the number four position. Their products continue to impress the 2022 Subaru BRZ lovers within the Subaru community as proven by the stance their popular "BRZ" Badge V2 RGBW LED Front Grille Emblem has taken during the month of April. Lit Logos is offering something that is unique in quality and style placing this Florida crew head and shoulders above the rest. Intelligently designed for the enthusiast who wants to drive in, turn heads, and keep people talking long after the smoke has cleared, the Lit Logos product line is a diamond in the jewel of the vehicle of a true style-seeker. The "BRZ" Badge V2 RGBW LED Front Grille Emblem has a number of features, both in the design and tech column, that include, a solid impact and heat resistant housing, a quality electronic assembly with top-grade crimped conductors with heat-shrink protection to ensure safety and stability, and stunning RGBW LED four-chip technology, which unlike three-chip RGB, produces true white color instead of combining Red, Green, and Blue to create a cool white. This product also offers an iOS + Android compatible Bluetooth controller that allows the driver to adjust the light color through its W chip independently giving the 2022 Subaru BRZ owner incredible flexibility. In this section of our video, Nazzaro confirms how popular the Lit Logo brand has become with the Subimods customer. "Lit logos is a brand that's just exploded for us", confirms Nazzaro. "Customers love the fact that they can get something that they can customize", he said. "You have a plethora of colors...and you can do pretty much anything you want." Following the entrepreneurial song note for note, this is a brand that Subimods can appreciate, understand, and get behind each day. They have set themselves apart by developing and offering a quality, stylish product without having the big brand, out-of-touch mentality. "Lit Logos is an owner operated brand", Nazzaro exclaims with gratitude. "Skyler is a great guy. He makes great products and takes a ton of pride in what he does and that shows in this specific offering", he adds. "A great mod under $200...and a great option for you guys… who want to upgrade style." This is a welcome addition to the April Top 5 and a great way to customize and get more eyes on your cherished 2022 Subaru BRZ. Feel free to look up the offerings from Lit Logos on the Subimods website and see more options for your 2022 BRZ .

NUMBER 3: Verus Engineering Pinch Weld Jack Pucks

Slipping into the third slot of our Top Five list is a product that many may not think of when asked to describe their favorite modification or more coveted aftermarket product, but it has obviously climbed into a high place in our customer's mind due to it's over all purpose - ensuring the safety of the driver while addressing a maintenance issue at the track or elsewhere when a jack is needed and the conditions are less that perfect. Every Subaru owner knows that the pinch welds on your vehicle that were created at the factory during the time of manufacturing can be damaged or ruined while performing standard maintenance tasks which include the use of a jack to change a tire or access the underside of the vehicle, especially while at the track or off-road. Verus Engineering has developed the Pinch Weld Jack Puck designed to stay on the vehicle to both protect and reduce this type of damage from happening in any situation. During the latest video presentation about this product, Nick shares a few insights to clarify why this product is an important and an obvious smart choice for those 2022 Subaru BRZ drivers wishing to put safety first."A lot of times you get the pinch welds - you put a jack on them over time they'll fold, they'll roll", Nazzaro explains. "It's just not fun right? Especially when the more you jack the car up and the more you're on what I would call 'uneven surfaces'...", he said. "Maybe on the track, maybe on the dirt. You know you're not getting a good bite on the pinch. Things can happen.", he warns. Verus Engineering developed this product to easily install on the vehicle in under 30 minutes while making no permanent modifications. "These plates...help give that jack a really good bite. It also will help increase safety. When you get that jack the last thing you want to do is get a car up on a Jack and for some reason either the pinch folds or it comes off the Jack. You're risking life, limb, or at least limb...sometimes life before you can get a jack stand underneath it." Since this product is designed to install on the vehicle, Verus wanted to provide a somewhat stylish color option to satisfy the driver who wants to make sure the overall personality of the2022 Subaru BRZ is solid and balanced, even though it is a component out of sight and out of mind. This product comes in black but is also available in red and blue to alert any mechanics, technicians, or auto shop staff to only jack up the car from the specific, predetermined locations. "Definitely something you're going to want for the track drivers," Nazzaro confirms. Another great product addition for your favorite 2022 Subaru BRZ which can be found within our online catalog.

NUMBER 2: A'PEXi N1 Evolution Damper Coilover Kit

The popularity and adoption of some products is a clear indication that owners and drivers of specific platforms are moving from just modifying their vehicles to be impressive daily rides and visually impressive show cars to becoming full functional, competitive, and noticeable track performers. Taking an impressive seat in the number two chair in April, our Japanese friends at A'PEXi have given a gift of quality and intelligent engineering to all those 2022 Subaru BRZ faithful who are taking this journey to the track on the back of superior handling, iconic stability, and unrivaled expertise. The A'PEXi N1 Evolution Damper Coilover Kitis one sampling of suspension innovation developed into a product that aligns specifically with the 2022 Subaru BRZ personality profile and its desire to be more, do more, and show more than other vehicles in its class. This product stands alone as A'PEXi's track-engineered flag ship N1 suspension that features a number of impressive and robust components within its assembly including a large piston and a mono-tube design which is fully height adjustable, specifically offering a 25-Way damping force adjustment to adapt to a variety of driving conditions via the threaded base design all while not compromising the travel of the springs or shocks. In general, A'PEXi has gained an understanding of what is needed for extreme performance by studying the suspension data pulled from motorsports activity around the world which constantly adjusts and improves their thinking on designs and priorities around what is truly needed on specific platforms. Subimods has been working with this new product line from A'PEXi since 2023 and it has not been a surprise to see it quickly gain popularity within our customer base and climb to the number two position on April's Top Five Product list. "We brought them on and they have done very well." Nazzaro explains while moving down the Top Five list. "A'PEXi coilovers have been offered for many years now. It's a very good entry level Coilover, but steps above what some would consider 'entry level'...", he adds. While he continues speaking about A'PEXi during the video presentation, Nazzaro explains why this company and their product have been so impactful and adopted so quickly by the Subimods customer and why they continue to provide a level of high value and quality to the Subaru enthusiast."You're getting your camber adjustment, your dampening adjustment, independent height, suspension adjustability, right?", he confirms. “Again, there are a lot of options for Coilovers. There's a lot of price ranges - but when you look at what you're getting from A'PEXi and you look at the quality of the product, and the years they've been in the industry, it's not shocking to see this come in at the second position." Give the N1 Evolution Damper Coilover Kit and other A'PEXi suspension products for your 2022 Subaru BRZ a careful look while scanning the Subimods online catalog .

NUMBER 1: COBB Flashkit w/ OTS Calibrations

Every month a company along with its highly ranked product jumps to the top of the stack and claims the number one spot on the Top Five Product List . Not a surprise to our team, April places the crown on a familiar name which continually finds its way into the lives of many serious and ambitious enthusiasts due to the level of innovation and positive contribution that exists between them and victory throughout the motorsports world. COBB Tuning's Flashkit with OTS Calibrationsfor the 2022 Subaru BRZ is an amazing solution which engages with EcuTek's dongle and software , a well-known performance provision to channel the powerful feature set exclusive to the COBB Tuning platform. When the customer selects specific map slots depending on preference, each map can incorporate different features that have been customized by COBB which could include Traction Control, Engine Safety Measures - including the vehicle's oil & water and/or coolant temperatures, and also Valet Mode . This solution also gives drivers the option to choose between the map slots by utilizing the vehicle's cruise control stalk or by activating this functionality through the COBB mobile app and the custom map slot presets. Any 2022 Subaru BRZ enthusiast will confirm that their platform is a satisfying ride when it drives off the showroom floor, but move to the next level of joy when upgrades are put in place to tweak performance and enhance tuning. When a driver wants to pursue an inspired dream flavored with the feeling of track under their wheels, they would benefit from investigating an ECU Tuning solution like this to give a little boost to their factory standard. Overall, the numbers will show a minimal increase in power, but tapping into the custom feature set provided by COBB's Flashkit will bring a significant improvement to your 2022 Subaru BRZ drivability and performance when pushed in a competitive situation. At the conclusion of the Top Five video presentation, Nick Nazzaro spoke about the COBB Flashkit, its position on the list, its true value, its overall impact on the 2022 Subaru BRZ platform, and why this product truly helps provide important performance and support in challenging conditions. "This has been probably the most notable release for the BRZ this year from Cobb.", Nazzaro confirms. “Their EcuTek collaboration has really changed the way that we look at BRZ calibration. A lot of times when we were training on this product, the big question was, 'Well why doesn't it make so much power?' Well, It's not like a COBB Access Port for a WRX where you're seeing gains of 50 to 60 horsepower...It adds a lot of features to an already great platform that truthfully, in my opinion, doesn't really need a lot of power", he says with confidence. "That's not what that car is. We want to utilize that power. We want to make it safe. We want to make it last and be able to stay out on the track all day. That helps us here [at Subimods], so, it doesn't surprise me that we're seeing this at the top position.", he adds. Learn more about this COBB Tuning product and how it can enhance how your 2022 Subaru BRZ performs by contacting one of our product experts or visiting the Subimods website .

Learn more details regarding the products featured on April’s Top Five Most Wanted Products for the 2022 Subaru BRZ by watching the video (above), where you can see a more detailed and informative overview with expert commentary provided by Subimods CEO and founder Nick Nazzaro .

April’s Top Five Most Wanted Products for a 2022 Subaru BRZ (2024)


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