Projekt Melody unveils Saint Valentine costume and reaches new records - DRSC Media (2024)

Projekt Melody unveils Saint Valentine costume and reaches new records - DRSC Media (1)

Projekt Melody’s special Saint Valentine stream brought in a huge audience, with the model unveiling a new costume and reaching new records.

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2 days ago, we had a look at Projekt Melody, a 3D hentai streamer/camgirl that recently started streaming on Chaturbate and managed to gain an impressive following over a few days. In that article, we mentioned that, while the project was overall interesting, a lot of improvements and work was still needed. 2 days after, here we are once again, having a look at Projekt Melody and the numerous improvements made by the streamer in a short period of time. For instance, during the special stream for Saint Valentine, held earlier today (15th for us Europeans, end of 14th for American viewers), Melody showed the addition of a floating camera named “T0M”, a reference to a peeping tom and allowing the streamer to change angles.

Furthermore, and contrary to what we had initially claimed, during today’s stream, viewers had the opportunity of seeing the character fully naked, revealing many details and sending the chat on fire. To celebrate Saint Valentine, Melody also wore a new costume, which is essentially a red variant of her usual clothes:

As mentioned earlier, Melody got fully naked at one point, revealing most of the details of her avatar. In the following images, we can see her mostly naked, with the Lovense Lush vibrator modelled. On top of this, and for those that might be really interested in this, yes, the character does have a modelled puss* and asshole:

The avatar also seems to react depending on how close to coming Melody is, with, in some instances, a strand of hair glowing pink/red, and, in other instances, the eyes having a glowing heart appearing in them. This attention to detail is quite surprising, making the avatar even more unique and interesting to observe over a long period of time:

As mentioned in the title of this article, Melody’s livestream managed to reach some new records, with her stream peaking at over 29K viewers, an impressive amount, before eventually going down and stabilising at around 25 to 26K viewers. This kept her at the top of the featured streamers on Chaturbate, having 15K viewers more than the following camgirl:

We also had the opportunity of seeing an impressive tip of 11K tokens, which means the user had to spend close to 900 dollars for this tip, which is not a negligible amount. Of course, the streamer doesn’t get this full amount, as 100 tokens work out to 5 dollars of net income, once Chaturbate takes their share. In other words, this single tip represents roughly 550$ of income for the streamer. While this might seem impressive, these kinds of tips are quite common on Twitch, with users that regularly give hundreds per month to the top [female] streamers, or, more exactly, “Twitch thots”:

Of course, while this 11K tokens tip stands out from the rest, Melody also received dozens of large tips ranging from over 1K to 5K tokens. Working out how much she made in this specific livestream is no easy task, with the tip queue being at over 2 800 tippers at one point. As reference, on the screenshot above, the tip queue was already close to 1 800, with this queue going down as time goes by (and not up, as some might think).

The streamer also reached 93K followers on Twitter, which is an increase of over 20K followers in less than two days, and confirmed more things are coming in the future, such as a dild* for the streams, official merch, or that she will indeed stream on Twitch, bringing fierce competition to the current top female streamers on the “gaming” platform. This is quite ironic, as after getting dozens of camgirls mad at her, going as far as attempting to get her banned from Chaturbate, coining the meme “The future is now, old man”, Twitch thots will now be facing a foe like they’ve never seen before. This battle should be quite interesting to witness.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, and after following the Valentine’s stream for “research purposes” for this article for quite a long period of time (maybe over 2 hours?), we can confirm part of what we claimed in our previous article. For instance, while there’s definitely some people getting off/jerking off to this content, it wouldn’t be surprising if a large part of the viewers are actually just enjoying the stream for “company”, as Melody does have a quite interesting personality and keeps things enjoyable and entertaining. The music playlist and the random memes the chat comes up with/refers to whenever Melody says something funny add to this feeling of not being alone, with one of the many memes of that night being “[Gamers] Rise up!”:

Finally, and replacing the “negative” meme “Hoes mad”, a member of the community (fellow scientist?) introduced the “Bros glad” meme, being, undoubtedly, a lot more positive. Ironically, this meme is also reminiscent of PewDiePie’s community, with the YouTuber calling his subscribers “Bros”:

Overall, we are quite impressed with the rapid progression and evolution of Melody, as well as how quickly she managed to form a strong community around her, strongly benefiting from the negative publicity of the few angry female camgirls. If anything, one could say Melody is a perfect example or an interesting case study of how negative publicity can still be turned around and be used as an indirect means of promotion, while, of course, this negative publicity is unfounded or is based on a questionable sentiment/idea, such as in this specific case, where “flesh” camgirls complained that their “job” was being taken away by “cartoons”. We’ve already talked in depth about this subject in our past article, so we will not be going over it once again.

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Projekt Melody unveils Saint Valentine costume and reaches new records - DRSC Media (2024)


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